"Reiki hands-on life force energy has the ability to enhance the clients's total well-being, through energetic applications that function on three levels: mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual."       


Juanita is not only a great Reiki Master in sharing the teachings.  She is an example of what all beings should strive to be.  Juanita has a true calling in helping people and she readily shares these gifts. Everyone who encounters her will feel blessed. 

Genevieve Manderville 

Taking the Reiki level one course with Juanita Martin was life affirming and life changing for me!  I have been on my personal spiritual journey for growth and change for the past two years, and taking this course was like sealing the deal on my life purpose to become a healer.  Meeting Juanita was divinely planned, and her becoming my Reiki teacher is the cherry on top of my purpose filled sundae!  Juanita is very patient, and is simple and to the point in her way of teaching. I am really looking forward to Reiki level two in the fall with Juanita.   

Icy George

Juanita is an exceptionally gifted healer and teacher. Her training for new and advanced Reiki students is comprehensive and thorough. In the workshop, she first grounds you in the historical knowledge and understanding of the Usui lineage and then provides detailed guidance for learning and absorbing "the practice" of this ancient healing art. Your life will be changed.  

Pamela Booker

Juanita is an amazing facilitator. Her energy and presence are electrifying! She is a true inspiration. I am thankful to have been trained by her.

Caroline Budhan