"Reiki hands-on life force energy has the ability to enhance the clients's total well-being, through energetic applications that function on three levels: mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual."       

I am an Intuitive Reiki, Crystal Worker and Artist (Usui Reiki Master/Teacher). I began my Reiki studies in 2002 at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment Center (ARE) in New York, with Sam Daniels. In 2004, I completed my Reiki Master/Teacher training. In 2007, I felt that I wanted to study with a woman, and I chose one of the most accomplished Reiki Master's in New Jersey, Lynn C Sea. I am a perpetual student who loves learning new alternative modalities to add to my lexicon of energy healing. In addition, I studied at EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Healing Touch, and Crystal Healing, to name a few. In 2014, I completed my BA-HAS degree in Health, Arts & Science at Goddard College in Vermont, where I had the opportunity to refine my energetic work. 

My dynamic, straightforward approach as a practitioner is to receive and interpret information about the client that leads to healing through chakra alignment that uses gemstones, for a more balanced life. I am committed to fostering a positive, loving attitude in my work because it is what brings me joy.

My heart is aligned with training new practitioners.  I travel extensively in relation to my Reiki work. I have created an exclusive week or weekend curriculum called “ReikiIntensives” which includes certified trainings, healing circles, creating gemstone elixirs, clearings through toning and individual treatments.  I am also an artist who creates various types of jewelry and home accessories, which are infused with loving Reiki energy for the well-being of my clients.  I work closely with crystals and regularly provide gemstone prescriptions for my clients.

While my practice is located located in Northern Jersey, I am happy to travel for workshops, trainings, conferences, speaking engagements, healing circles, health fairs, expos, and individual treatments as well as to corporate settings. For more information, please reach out via phone (973) 327-4859 or email Juanita@yourreikirelief.com.